About Us

When I discovered the world of kink my creativity found a whole new outlet. I would often wander around wondering how certain textures would feel like in a play session. In this exploration, I found that the texture of rope is tantalizing and thrilling. A properly wielded thuddy flogger can feel amazing. So, I combined these two things together and created Mischievous’ line of rope based floggers. These floggers are deconstructed and reconstructed by hand. The handles feel firm and well balanced in your hand and the falls leave you wanting more.


The Mischievous line of jewelry came as a way to please my partner who had a bit of a thing for feet, so to surprise him I created my first piece of foot jewelry. It was a success. That stimulated my creativity, to include jewelry for my nipples. I'm not pierced and at the time that kind of jewelry was difficult to find, so I created my own and now I present them to you. Mischievous jewelry will accent your body in the perfect way. You can wear certain pieces during the day and then connect other mischievous pieces at night for a completely different outfit. Have an idea for something that you don’t see? Please feel free to contact me and we can talk. I am sure we can come up with something that will make you feel sexy, confident and of course a little bit mischievous.