Liquid Loop Red

Mischievous’ newest flogger is a fun addition to the Liquid Line.




Acid Purple (SO)Acid Purple (SO)Amazon (SO)Amazon (SO)BlackBlackBlack WidowBlack WidowBlackberryBlackberryBlue SnakeBlue SnakeElectric Blue (SO)Electric Blue (SO)Explode (SO)Explode (SO)Fireball (SO)Fireball (SO)Fuchsia (SO)Fuchsia (SO)Imperial RedImperial RedImperial Red (Reflective) (SO)Imperial Red (Reflective) (SO)Marines (SO)Marines (SO)MoonstruckMoonstruckPartyPartyPeacockPeacockPurple Passion (SO)Purple Passion (SO)Urban CamoUrban Camo
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Price: $115

This loop is compiled of 14 feet of twisted nylon and polyester rope that has been deconstructed and reconstructed to create the body.

Additional information

Handle Colors

Acid Purple (SO), Amazon (SO), Black, Black Widow, Blackberry, Blue Snake, Electric Blue (SO), Explode (SO), Fireball (SO), Fuchsia (SO), Imperial Red, Imperial Red (Reflective) (SO), Marines (SO), Moonstruck, Party, Peacock, Purple Passion (SO), Urban Camo


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